Golf is a great sport that will get you outside and away from the craziness of life.  When out on the golf course you will feel one with nature and yourself.  For many different people, getting out on the course is the entire reason they get up in the morning.

Finding the best course

The best course the play is a selective one.  Each person has their own ideas and their own needs.  However, the one thing that they all have in common is a top-notch company like troon golf management in charge.  When you have a good management team and style for your golf course, it will show.  When you care about what product you produce for your members and guests, people will want to come and play there.  However, if you neglect your course or do things that aren’t profitable, then your course will fall into neglect and soon die.

troon golf management

Listen to your guests

The best way to know you are doing something well is to listen to your guests.  When you listen to your guests you will get feedback that is invaluable.  The guests will tell you what to do and how to do it.  If you are a good manager you will listen to them and try to implement as many of them as possible.  When this is done, your guests will feel as if their voices are hears, that they are important to you and will continue to play on your course.

Surprise your guests

You don’t want your guests to feel that you are out just to get their money.  Everyone knows it is a business and that if you are not making money then you are not going to be in business.  So, with that in mind, don’t throw everything into their face about money.  Have your key areas that you will make money with and then do stuff that doesn’t cost you money to give extra value to your players and guests so they know their money is well spent.  Over-deliver is the key.