When is the Best Time to Treat My Yard For Mosquitoes?

Buzz, buzz, buzz! You’ve probably heard enough of that sound if you are planning on treating your yard for mosquitoes as soon as possible. Not only can mosquitoes be an overall pest that can ruin plans you make to do things in the yard, they can also carry illnesses and transmit them to humans or pets, making them a health risk on top of being a general nuisance.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are ways you can attempt to get rid of the mosquitoes taking up residence on your property. You can try to do it yourself, or you can have mosquito control newnan teams give you a hand.

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What Should I Do?

The first thing you should do is have your yard treated, and then start taking preventative measures to try to keep the mosquitoes from returning. The overall best time for you to have your yard treated for mosquitoes is around April or May, as they start to become more active. Whether you plan to call a professional team to handle the spraying for you or do it yourself, making sure you follow up with action necessary to keep the mosquitoes away is also of vital importance.

This is simple enough. You’ll want to begin by working to eliminate potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your yard. Stagnant, standing water, ditches, tall grass, buckets, and even old tires can become taken over by the pests, and can serve as spots to breed even more.

To spray for mosquitoes other times of the year, keep some insecticides handy. You can even use a backpack sprayer to make things more convenient. Just make sure you aren’t spraying near your garden or near bodies of water. Make a habit of spraying once every few months during mosquito season, and you should see a dramatic reduction in the amount of mosquitoes you find in your yard.