October is officially right around the corner, and that means it is soon going to be time for Halloween trick or treaters to begin lining the streets on the hunt for candy. If you are a fan of the spooky tradition of Halloween, why not get in the spirit of the season with some fun electrical Halloween decorations to greet trick or treaters in your yard?

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These decorations are all quite affordable and easy to set up, though if you have any questions or need a hand with the setup process, you can always get in touch with electrical contractors la crosse professionals to make sure you are hooking your new decorations up safely.

What are some of the fun, simple decorations you could consider putting up? Let’s seeĀ…

1. Easy Halloween String Lighting

Want to go for something super easy to set up? Look for Halloween string lighting, which is available at almost every major department store carrying Halloween goodies. They come in all kinds of color options as well, so you can go for normal Halloween colors like orange or purple, or even aim for an interesting light-up decoration on the strings like ghosts or jack-o-lanterns.

2. Creepy Fog Machines

Fog machines aren’t only meant for use on stage at rock concerts-they can also make for a super spooky addition to your yard come Halloween time. If you want to add an extra creep factor to your lawn this year, think about a fog machine, a simple solution that takes minutes to set up and can be purchased very inexpensively.

3. Light-up Halloween Inflatables

Another great (and affordable!) option for your Halloween decorations this year is to look for the electrical light up inflatables. They can come in all kinds of Halloween forms, like giant pumpkins, creepy phantoms, and more. Find the one you like best, hook it up, and light up the night.

Halloween is one of the few times of year kids can dress up and go out on the hunt for their favorite sweet treats. You can add to the fun with these affordable and fun electrical Halloween decorations for your lawn.